Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prayers No Matter How Small Are Important to The King of Kings

We have changed homeschooling curriculum this year and I must say that I am LOVING it! We started out with ABeka and I liked it--it is a very good curriculum, but my daughter is a very artistic person and the worksheets were not her style!(much to my chagrin ;)) So, I started asking the Lord to help me find the perfect curriculum for All my children. After all they are His children! After nearly two months of pondering and praying a sweet friend of mine told me that she was going to use Sonlight and that I should look into it.

I went to Sonlight's websight and began the research. I fell in love. I love the Charlotte Mason idea of teaching, however, my personality requires more structure! ;) And Sonlight happened to have both! I knew that the Lord had plopped this in my lap! He is SOOOO wonderful, all we need to do is ask for His help and guidance and He will give it! I am so thankful to have been chosen by you Father, thank you Jesus for dying for me!

Praise God!

So, since I changed to a curriculum that embraces a Charlotte Mason type learning, that means that I am more involved than before, because I am reading a.lot. to them!!! This is also another answer to prayer! I am spending more quality time with my children doing something we all enjoy, reading! Before this I felt as though I wasn't able to spend quality time with all three kids like I should be, because I am not the playful type! My imagination is VERY lacking! But, with reading, everyone's needs are being met! Thank you again Lord! See, serving Him is absolutely the ONLY way! God bless!


Luke said...

That is very exciting! May this year continue to be the best yet!


I live IN Jesus said...

Thanks Luke!
I believe that this year has promise of good things to come! Praise God!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I used Sonlight when Fifi was in 2nd grade (and either 1st or 3rd; I can't remember).

We loved it! I still look to their lists for great reading.

The only reason I quit with them is that I was not diligent enough to stay on target. (Or maybe it was the todlers keeping me busy--it's a blur.) B

By the end of the year, I was in 3 separate weeks, depending on the subject! LOL!

Enjoy! I'm sure you'll do great. :)

I live IN Jesus said...

Glad to have some input! :) I have a some challenges regarding the homeschool toddler situation as well! I need the guidance--we are only using the core in sonlight- we do math u see and then I read books from your suggestions!! But, as a core I think it covers alot of what I think is important... Anyway, God bless!
Sarah T

Apryl said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I prayed aloud over my daughter before we ate yesterday and she did so well! She later confided to me that she hoped to get sick enough to go to the hospital like her sister. These hurt kids, they break my heart (and drive me bonkers!).

I used sonlight for the past 2 years and LOVED it! I switched this year because I'm homeschooling 3 kiddos and felt like I would really go nuts, but yesterday (as my eldest was complaining about science this year compared to past years) I had a thought about switching again. I'm still using their book lits, can't say enough good things about them. Enjoy!