Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Started Wondering....

Whether or not I was in fact right about my stats. I mean really? 5.5 lbs of muscle??? At first, I of course was VERY excited, but after the excitement dissipated, I started to wonder if that in fact could be accurate. I know for a fact that I am leaner and my muscle is hard! I know for a fact that the scale says that I have lost 14.5 lbs. But the fat caliper testing, have I been pinching the SAME spot EVERY time? I started to doubt, so I went back to the instruction manual and read it and looked at the demo and tried again....I think I may have been pinching in the wrong spot from where I first pinched....SO this Saturday I am going to have my sweet hubby do a 4 point skin fold test(I did one around the start) and compare from around the first part of January to March 5th how the numbers have decreased. I just don't know how I could have packed on 5.5 lbs. of muscle! It seems a little too much to me! I will just continue with that. Obviously, this bit of news was discouraging! I am probably not as lean as I was thinking and that in itself is a bummer! Oh well, just happy that I am at least on a path that is actually getting me somewhere instead of where I was! :)

In other news, I get incredibly sick of myself. That is why I haven't posted on here for a while! I deal with me ALL day and why on earth would I want to get on ye olde blog and write yet MORE stuff about, you guessed it, ME! I know that in order to keep accountability, I need to stay in the loop! So, for those reasons I tell you that I have still been maintaining my cardio/weight training for 6 days a week for 3 weeks straight! I am planning on this being my 4th consecutive! AND I have been eating clean for about 80% of the time for the last 2 wks. In light of the fact that my eating has not been spot on I have amped up my cardio and ended last week with 20 miles logged in running! Not too mention the elliptical and the miles walked after my runs! I believe that because of this one fact I have still been able to lose fat, albeit, slowly, but lose none the less! :)

With that I am signing off, I hope that you are all well and achieving the goals set before you! God bless each of you with His PERFECT WILL in your life!!