Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi. My Name is Sarah.....

And I have been away for quite a while!

I have been busy doing a 14 week challenge(for fat burning and muscle building) on a forum that I have to journal/log weekly/daily and that has been about all this girl can handle in the way of typing/writing!!! If I could just talk to you people(is that presumptuous of me???!!! ;) )!!! That would be so much easier--because I assure you I am not nearly as quiet when chatting as I am on the old blog!

As I said I have been utilizing my time off of homeschooling to finally indulge in some selfish behavior, as in exercise and diet. By selfish I am saying that the me me me aspect of this challenge that I am in is almost reminds me that physical well being is only part of the package when it comes to improving! And that when one is out of balance in the physical/spiritual aspects of life then God is quick to bring it to the forefront! I don't know why, but I have a hard time being balanced with those two aspects. I suspect that that is a human characteristic?! ;) At any rate I have been focused mainly on the physical part of Sarah, I wanted to once and for all lose the baby weight from my first child(nearly 10 yrs. old) and then maintain(I have proven that I am a great maintainer over the past 10 yrs!!! ;)). I am happy to report that I have successfully achieved my goal! I am down to 163 lbs. with 16.5% body fat which puts me at a lean body mass of about 136 lbs. give or take a little! I am in better shape than I have ever been in in my whole adult life! Now, I hope that I win a free trip to Maui--because that is the prize for the challenge that I am in! AND all of this is just in time for.....SCHOOL to start!!! :)

School. I love homeschooling for SO many reasons, but I don't really like homeschooling for other reasons! Most of the reasons that I don't like it have to do with the training up of my children ie. the doing ALL things without grumbling and is just me and my kids or do others have children that are not all that excited about having school????!!!! I mean I hate to hear all the complaining....makes me cranky, just thinking about it!!!! ;)

We will be using Sonlight, again! LOVE LOVE LOVE Sonlight--I can teach multiple kids for several subjects and THAT my friends is what makes this momma happy! Math-u-see for math, again. And some other extras as my daughter needs some more challenges. I think that I will be encouraging her to write more book reports this year, she LOVES to read and devours books like nobody I know, so I think that a book report every now and again will be a good thing!

We will be starting school a little late this year as we are going to be taking care of my dh grandparents after his grandma has open heart surgery at the end of this month, for a month or so. Since that will be priority then school will have to be put off for an extra week or so, and that is one of the reasons I love homeschooling!!! :)

All in all it has been a wonderful summer. Hot, but wonderful. God is good and has been continuing His work in this vessel, albeit slowly(because of me not Him), but nonetheless He is still changing me from image to image and glory to glory!!!! Thank you Jesus for your patience with this vessel.....

God bless!