Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Beginnings of a Life Together

(These pictures were taken in July of 2006 at my brothers wedding--they are not of our wedding! Just the most recent photos that I have of us together alone! :))

So, my last post left off on New Years Eve of 2000! And DH and I were married on January 30, 2000! We had to do that, because otherwise we would slip up. When you know that someone IS your spouse, it is incredibly hard to keep your flesh from jumping ahead of things and needless to say I fell down. However, I told my soon to be husband who wasn't of the same mindset, but was incredibly understanding and patient that we had to be married--Because there would not be, could not be ANY. more. of. that. He obliged and we were married in a very quiet ceremony at my pastors house with my pastors wife, his daughter and of course he officiated--It was simple and very sweet. Plus we saved a WHOLE LOTTA money doing it that way! ;)

I promptly moved onto the Air Force Base about 45 minutes from my the city where I grew up. We were blessed at every corner! On February 8th we found out that we were expecting our first baby! No sense in wasting any time!

I am going to pause here to let you know that the Lord had told me through a prophetic word that when I was united with my husband that I would become pregnant on my wedding night! He wasn't kidding. I became pregnant immediately as in we didn't even need to try more than once. So-that means that we conceived the one time that we slipped up before we were married by law, however our hearts were knit together and we felt married before the actual ceremony(I don't know if that makes sense, sorry). Except we did not know about it until after our marriage ceremony. I want all to know that I do not condone fornication at. all. I know that God does not condone it either. That is why we got married so soon-we knew that it would be better to marry knowing that we were intended for one another and not knowing each other, so that ALL things could be done in accordance to God's Word and how He says they should be done rather than putting ourselves in a tempting situation.

Alrighty then, moving on--

As you may or may not remember DH had not asked Jesus to be Lord of his life yet, but God promised me before we were married that he would be saved very shortly after. And my God CANNOT lie! So, on February 23rd, 2000 in the wee hours of the night, DH woke up frantic for some reason. I quickly turned my lamp on and asked him what was wrong, I had never seen such terror on someone's face.
Husband: I just had a terrrible dream, I was in this tunnel and there were all these demons/creature things and they were chasing me and they were coming out of these holes along the tunnel. Jim(our/my pastor) was there and he was fighting them off for me and telling them to go away in Jesus Name. That was the only thing that was keeping them from getting me.
Me: Well, you need to ask Jesus into you heart. Do you want Jesus to be your Lord and Savior?
Husband: Yes.
Me: Ok, pray this after me... And we prayed
My husband became a child of the Most High God that night! Not only that but I layed hands on him and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as well. Then I called Nita to tell her all about what had happened(at like 3am) and as she and I were talking the Lord delivered DH from some demonic bondage that had been hindering him from the time he was a little guy!!!! Praise Jesus! Isn't God good?! He ALWAYS goes above and beyond anything that we could ever imagine! So, now my DH was a born again believer of Jesus Christ! Thank you Jesus for always being so faithful to your children, you never cease to amaze me!

We were very blessed, but by the world's standards we were poor! However, God made sure that all our needs were met! We had a house-paid for, we had medical-free, we had food allowance plus the meager salary of an E-2(I believe?). Anyhow, I quit my job as an Orthodontic Assistant when I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter and became a homemaker! I loved it. It was a very "honeymoonish" time in my life. I got to take leisurely walks with my dog daily and have lunch with my husband and basicly get used to being a wife for about 4 months!

Then on September 27th, 2 weeks before her due date, my daughter started her decent into this world. She was born on September 28th, 2000 at 2:15 am. That is a very awesome testimony/story that I may have to type up on this here blog one of these days. But until then God bless you and I will be typing again soon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meeting My Intended

Well, I have good intentions! I really would like to be able to keep up with the whole posting part of blogging, but it takes such a huge chunk outta my precious time with my family! Not to mention that I am incredibly lazy when it comes to typing(I am not what you would call fast ;))!
However, I have a whole lot of wonderful testimonies of what the Lord has done in my life and I know that their are people out there that need to know that I am nothing special and that Jesus will do these types of things for them too! So, time to get off my proverbial bottom and get busy typing!
By May of 1999 I had reached the bottom of me. I had been saved for a year and some months and had just gotten back on the path with Jesus. I had stepped off for a time to see if I could go back to my old life, but I was different and God made sure that I was very aware of that fact. Anyway, I was walking with the Lord again and life was good. Let me pause here to tell you that in my shady past I had been married on two separate occasions to two separate men, both of whom I had joined myself together with. Needless to say I KNEW what I did NOT want in a spouse. So, I took it upon myself to write the Lord a letter listing a total of 26 things that I would like in a man and I placed the letter in my Bible(knowing the Lord the way that I do now this act seems rather presumptuous to me!;)). The months went by and I knew that God was going to have to move miraculously because there was very little possibility of my meeting a godly man anywhere that I went, which was only work and home and of course church. Church was a small group of wonderful full gospel believing Christians that met at our pastors house, so that did not look hopeful! I also spent a lot of time under the mentoring of my pastors wife and therefor spent lots of time at their home.
When Christmas rolled around my pastors wife, Nita, and I were going to the local jail to visit with a woman there and I was telling Nita how I just wish that Jesus would bring me my husband the one that I knew He had intended for me ALL along.
Nita: How do you talk to Jesus?
Me: Lord, Please etc. etc., in Jesus name, Amen.
Nita: Sarah, is Jesus your friend?
Me: Yes.
Nita: If I had something you wanted, how would you ask me for it?
Me: I would say, Nita please give *it* to me!
Nita: Alright then, tell Jesus, talk to Him just as you would talk to any of your friends.
Me: Jesus, Please bring me MY husband, I am sooooo tired of being alone! I just want my own family...
The Next day was Christmas day and I was going to have Christmas dinner at Nita's and celebrate Jesus' birthday. Her oldest daughter had asked if a couple of military guys could come for dinner because they didn't have anywhere to go. I was a little put out by this because I had a feeling that they would probably be obnoxious at best!
When they arrived there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about either of them. I wasn't drawn to either of them although they weren't annoying either.
After that day and having been introduced to Brandon the whole following week his name would float through my thoughts like that of a banner behind an airplane. I would be at work talking with someone and suddenly his name would just pass through! WEIRD!!!! I had never experienced anything like it in the past. So, one evening about 5 days after meeting him I was talking with Nita again and I told her about what had been happening. She got a big grin on her face, I asked her what she was smiling about and she replied with, what did you ask Jesus for? A husband was my response. So, she said, I believe Jesus answered your prayer! I immediately started praying about that, because of course I DID NOT want to mess that whole thing up again!
On New Years Eve Nita had invited Brandon and his friend back to her house for dinner. When they arrived it was as though the Lord put a spot light on me because all of a sudden Brandon seemed drawn to me. We talked nearly all night long. At one point he got very pale and looked scared, so I asked him what was up?! He told me that he had just seen what our kids were going to look like! I would like to tell you that I just smiled quietly at him, however that would be lying. Instead I said well that makes sense because I am your wife. God picked you for my husband. I am surprised even to this day that he did not leave immediately and never return because the poor man had only met me two times and one of those meetings we never really said more than a few words to one another! But, God, is so so patient and merciful, because Brandon did not run away and never talk to me again, no he stepped up to the challenge and trusted a God that he hadn't even given himself over to...