Thursday, October 30, 2008


Let me just say that as a Christ follower I hold a very big responsibility to vote according to HIS ways. Not just me, but we, the Bride of Christ--the TRUE BRIDE OF CHRIST--hold a VERY big responsibility. If you think that for one minute God really cares about our financial comforts more than He does the murdering of unborn children, or the redefining of marriage then you are ABSOLUTELY wrong! Because He does not. He tells us to sell everything and follow Him... HE will supply our needs according to HIS riches and glory--that may not look like what you think it does! I, for the life of me cannot seem to find it anywhere in the Word of God, that it is ok to turn a blind eye to the sins that this nations leaders are trying to legalize and redefine as moral liberty!!!

So, if you call yourself a christian, and you say that you believe the word of God to be the one and only truth, then you had better hope that your votes are not for those who support abortion or gay marriage... Because one day you WILL stand before the Lord and have to explain why your financial comforts were more important than your responsibility in representing Jesus...

Vote against this

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