Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still Going strong!

So, I am still alive and going at it!

I finished this week as ANOTHER week of 6 days of exercise!!! Very excited about that! In fact I did something that I almost always convince myself I don't need to do, I worked out/cardio 7 days in a row!!! I am notorius for saying to myself that "I should take a break, I deserve it"! But not right now, there will be time to take breaks once I am on my maintenance part of this adventure and that isn't for another 11 lbs of FAT!!!! I will be 14% body fat by Apr. 19th(that is when my sweet hubby and I will be on the beach in South Carolina without children!!!!!!)! :D That was the happy dance right there, did you see it?! :P Anyway, I must be looking good enough(not to mention be able to fit into my new size smaller than I am) to wear my new bathing suit!!!! I will do it you shall see!

Thank you Jesus, for EVERYTHING! :)


Christine said...

so GREAT to hear how AWESOME you are doing!! I believe you can do it and you'll have an amazing time on the beach!
RE your comment on my blog: I think you might be right... all those things combined to put me in a such a tired/grumpy place. I'm going to try to take some time off, but it will be hard because I get cases of "runner's guilt" really bad sometimes! That's when you see someone else out running and think "ohhh I should go run/oh it's such a nice day out I should go run too", etc etc. so I'll be working to fight that for a few days! Thank you for your support!!


I live IN Jesus said...

Thank you SO much Christine! I get that workout guilt!!! So, I can totally relate to your runners guilt! ;) It's ok though, sometimes we need a break! You will be MUCH stronger when you resume your training--just wait! God bless!