Sunday, February 14, 2010

Did not make my 6 workouts....

I don't have a good excuse other than this weekend has been an emotional challenge for me.... And unfortunately when I have difficulties in that area ALOT of times the exercise? it does get sacrificed on the altar of self pity....Which in turn creates a problem because exercise? it does improve my outlook. So, I might possibly go and do some cardio on the elliptical or run later today, we shall see. Then my 6 days would be fulfilled and I will have managed to fill my verbal agreement thus also helping my overall mental status....Thank God that I have Jesus otherwise it would REALLY be hard and bad and all of that!

In other news it is snowing here. AGAIN. Snow it is not a bad thing when it happens where it should!!!!! ;) So, that means that I will probably not have access to the internet either later today or possibly tomorrow! Which leads me to my next random thought--I will be working out and doing cardio at least 5 days next week and continuing on my burn the fat feed the muscle endeavor with GREAT fervor!

I hope that you all have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow! :)


Christine said...

You can do it! Exercise nearly always makes me feel better... sometimes it's really hard to get moving but then I just try to get dressed, put my shoes on, and get to the gym, because once you're there you'll at least try for a while!

Amy - MomToThree said...

Hi - I love you - and I miss you! I love that you're posting again. I check every day!

You have more willpower than anyone else I know - other than my hubby. Keep at it girlfriend! I'm always so proud of you!


I live IN Jesus said...

Thank you SO much for your encouraging words Christine! :) You may never know how much it means!

And Thank you, Aim....I was beginning to wonder if you fell of the face of the earth! ;) Glad to know that you haven't! I love you too!