Monday, February 15, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!

I ended up going to the gym yesterday evening! I did 30min. elliptical, heavy weights for chest, shoulders and tri's then onto the treadmill for 3 miles! So, mission accomplished for the week! Thank you, Wendy for the challenge! Eating has remained clean other than the cheat meal of saturday evening with my hubby and children for V-day.

I am tightening up my eating schedule as I believe that I have been eating too many calories according to my level of activity....oh well, just two weeks of not a whole lotta progress but didn't gain either!

So, my stats, I need to redo them and post them later! BUT,my goal is soooo close I can taste it! ;)

So far today I have gotten the workout business out of the way and now it is off to do laundry, manhandle a 3 yr. old(who is as we speak smearing playdoh on my walls) and edjumicate my kiddos! ;) Have a good one! God bless!

P.S. here is a photo of me before I started this ride!


Wendy said...

Yay Sarah!! I'm so proud of you!
Here's to another great week! :)

I live IN Jesus said...

Thanks Wendy here's to another week of perseverence!! Oh AND good health! ;) Great job yourself, by the way!