Monday, November 10, 2008

Parental Rights... Who Should Have Them?

According to the United Nations they should have them. Or, at least they should have the access to make sure that you are a good "care giver".

I just read this article and am saddened because their is a president about to take office that will probably be very supportive of this measure. All I can say is Come quickly Lord Jesus! And of course, lift up ALL the precious children and babies whose lives are and may be ripped apart by this, in prayer to the very One who created them...


khaila said...

If a biological parent has not been deemed unfit that parent should be able to raise their child. My son is close to losing his son through adoption because the mother is mad with him and me, and would rather someone else have him than his blood family.

I live IN Jesus said...

Hello Khaila-
I agree with you, however if you read the article that I linked to then you will find that the United Nations is trying to take the rights of parents away and redefine what a "good parent" is according to them. Not according to Godly wisdom or what is best for a child... Very disturbing and something to be watchful of.
God bless you.
Sarah T