Friday, August 29, 2008

God is Still Workin' on Adding to Our Family!


Aren't you glad that God doesn't ever quit on us?

I know I am!

When I first married the man that God chose for me, AKA my DH, I wanted at least 4 kids.

Then I got pregnant...

I had it in mind that a woman felt her best when she was pregnant and that they glowed and blah blah blah!

I NEVER felt my best when I was pregnant and it just progressively got worse as the pregnancies insued! By the time I was pregnant with our third child I almost needed to have a wheelchair to get around at the end. My pelvis, for whatever reason, starts its separating shinanigans around the 5th week of pregnancy.

Did you catch that--the 5th week!


I don't rightly know, just the way I was made I suppose. At any rate it wasn't good and my husband promptly informed me that we would not be having any more babies because he couldn't handle watching me like that, oh and the worrying about me and the baby and so on and so forth.

So, prayerfully, my husband made the decision to permanently stop his ability to bring forth spawn. Which, I would like to add here, was THE hardest decision for me.


Done with growing our family, I mean.

Apparently, God knew more! What a surprise huh?!!! I am always so awed by Jesus' wonderful ability to answer those desires and needs in us that we just.can'

GOD is leading us to ADOPT!!!!!

I am so excited! Scared. Overwhelmed. Nervous. Worried. Did I mention I was scared? Well, I am, but, I know that Jesus Christ is able to do, when we cannot and so I REST in Him(Most of the time that is true ;)--you have to remember I AM human).

Ok. So this is how it went.

My husband and I were sitting in the living room about 3 weeks ago and I just blurted out "I think we should adopt." His reply shocked me really, because I totally expected him to say--"NO WAY, we don't even get to love on these kids enough, imagine having more, or NO WAY, most days I come home and you want to pull your hair out and run away, or NO WAY, you say that schooling two kids with a toddler is impossible!"--You get the picture?! Being a mom is probably the HARDEST thing that I have ever done. I feel such a HUGE responsibility to the Lord to raise them as best I can and I know that I fall short of that ALL the time! If it weren't for the fact that Jesus Christ if full of mercy and grace I would never make it as a mother! ;) BUT, my husband did not reply that way! He said--"I thought about doing that too!" Then it dawned on me that I told my husband a coulpe of years ago that "I would never adopt(unless of course God told us to), because I would be afraid I wouldn't love them as much as our biological kids."

So, I guess, "never say never"

Let the adventure begin!!!!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Wow, Sarah! How exciting! Can't wait to read more about the process :)

Heather said...

SARAH! Thank you so much for the welcome back! I am so excited that you will be adopting-WHAT a blessing. I can't wait to read an update. I love the pics btw :) It is soo good to *see* you ((hug)) Heather