Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Praise Jesus in the Highest!!!!

About a year ago I was incredibly frustrated with the position that my husband was in at work. He has a wonderful job financially, way above what we ever had imagined, but his employer had just put him on salary and then promptly tacked on the responsibility of a whole nother position!!!! Imagine my irritation! BUT!!!! I serve the God of Heaven and Earth! So, naturally I went to prayer, after some teensy weensy wailing and gnashing of my teeth(sheepish grin). After all I am human and incredibly fallible!
I digress.
So, where was I? Oh ya, he was working TWO jobs for one salary. The second position that they gave to him was a position that was supervising, sometimes, up to 30 employees, all the other supervisors were making $10,000-15,000/year more than he was making! So, here is what I prayed-"Father you say in your Word that a man is worth his hire! And I believe ALL of your word I am going to stand on your Word--Please pay DH what he worth." Then I promptly informed the thief(that is Satan in case you were wonderin') that he HAD to return to us everything that he was stealing and that he had stolen(in regards to this work situation)in Jesus name and that I wanted him to return it sevenfold(it is scriptural!).
I know that I should not be surprised, but Jesus just reminded me that I had prayed that, and right this very minute my husband is being interveiwed for a position that if you look at in the natural is IMPOSSIBLE, but with our GOD, JESUS CHRIST, NOTHING is impossible! Mix faith in Him and prayer(according to God's Word) and a splash of spiritual warfare and you have a recipe for God to be GLORIFIED! PRAISE YOU JESUS! I LOVE YOU.

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So.... how did it go? We're waiting for an update!