Thursday, November 1, 2007

Staight from the Motherland with Camouflage

You might recall me telling you that I am a transplant to the "south". Not just to the "south", but to a farm in the "south". And one of my adjustments, as it were, is that finding decent Italian food is VERY challenging. At best. This poses as a BIG problem for me. You see I LOVE me some great, authentic, mouth watering cuisine, from Italy! People from these parts have only been exposed to what the world of chain restaurants have to offer... Enough said.

So, imagine my joy, my sheer elation at the discovery of a VERY fine restaurant, of AUTHENTIC Italian cuisine! Straight from Rome! AWESOME!!!! It has been over 3 yrs. since I have partaken of such a succulent feast. First on the menu calamari! Yum! Just as I suspected--delightful, lightly breaded, served with a fabulous tomatoey, garlicy type of yumminess. I thougtht that maybe we had made it to a part of my new world that was more, shall we say refined in the art of detecting AUTHENTIC cuisine not of the Hispanic persuasion, or the Chinese(albeit American) persuasion, or even the fried food persuasion.

Let me preface this with a Restaurant that serves some kind of authentic food(and by authentic I am sayin' the food could be served in it's motherland and pass) does not last, people! They go down like "skinny" jeans should. The people have been soooooo brainwashed by mediocre chain restaurant's renditions, that they think it, I don't know, maybe "tastes bad"? It boggles my taste buds, not to mention my mind!

ANYHOO. Moving on to my point.

Not that I make it a practice to be a nosy neighbor, but these people were EXCEPTIONALLY LOUD! My husband noticed that they had ordered the calamari as well! Yeah for them! BUT, then he looks at me and says they just asked for some ketchup(catsup) for their calamari!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! I could not believe that they were about to assault their mouth with that stuff slathered on some of the best squid I think I have ever eaten! That, my friends sums up the the extent at which some people around my new domain enjoy AUTHENTIC Italian cuisine! They don't. Without some camouflage, anyway.

Now, I have to say here, that there truly is something all together strange about me pointing out the ketchup on calamari thing. Because when you call it squid. It sure sounds gross.

I was just thinkin'.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I know exactly what you mean about people not appreciating authentic foods. Especially people from the South, it seems. I'm glad you finally found a good Italian restaurant.....I hope it stays open. With the other patrons around there, you just never know.

I live IN Jesus said...

Isn't that the truth! I wrote that and then I thought about you being in a "REAL" foreign country! :) And that you can't even find the kinds of foods that we totally take for granted and I felt bad for complainin' about some fancy Italian food! But the story had to be told because it is TOTALLY classic of the way people eat stuff here!
I have to tell you, Pam, that you have been such an inspiration to me--you gave me the courage to try baking my own bread! I did it too! And I don't even have a bread machine! I was VERY surprised to find how incredibly EASY it is! I always thought that it was this majorly hard thing and really it isn't!!! Praise be to GOD!!!! I love to make it too! I just hope I can cut down on the consumption as time goes on! ;) Otherwise I will have to run a whole lot more than I do!!!! Anyway, God bless you Pam! Thanks for stopping by!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Don't feel bad at all!! I'm happy for you that you found a good restaurant.
I was so happy to hear that I "inspired" you! Sounds funny to me, but I'm glad the Lord used it. Praise the Lord -- you made some fresh bread! I always thought it would be hard too, until I tried it. It is surprisingly easy. I totally know what you mean about hoping you can cut down on the consumption of it! That's my biggest problem too!